08 July 2012

190/366 marinated tomatoes

I made Missy's Marinated Tomatoes from the Pioneer Woman's blog. We ate them with homemade focaccia bread for lunch. (My focaccia is just herby pizza crust with no toppings, or sometimes topped with cheese. Or sometimes garlic.)

I changed it up a little bit. Missy's recipe calls for a whole cup of canola oil. I'm not a fan of the taste of plain canola oil, and I couldn't bear to use a whole cup. So I substituted with 1/3 cup of good, flavorful olive oil. 

I also used good, thick, syrupy balsamic vinegar. (I love the syrupy balsamic. So different than the grocery store stuff. We get our balsamic and olive oil locally from OVINO in Hood River, OR.)

I omitted the parsley, because we didn't have any.

I added chopped cucumber, because we had some that needed to be used.

It was delicious! Even with store-bought tomatoes. It was a little on the sweet side for me, so next time I'd use less sugar. The sweetness in mine could have been amplified by the extra-sweet balsamic.

There was just a little bit leftover—I'd say the complete recipe made about five cups. I strained the balsamic olive oil infused with tomato, green onion and herbs into a jar to be used as salad dressing. I'm dreaming of that salad now. . .