06 August 2012

219/366 giant blueberries

 For the skeptics.
I'm sure some of you didn't believe me.
And in case you thought it was just one giant blueberry in half a flat of normal sized blueberries, here you go:

From Fujii Berries in Troutdale, Oregon.
Go get some soon!


Sophie said...

are they good (savour) ?

Grandpa Bill said...

It's not bragging if it's true. Local blueberries are giant balls of flavor! Don't know what other parts of the country have, but these are normal for the Columbia River area.

Marisa said...

They are delicious! Often the largest berries will be bland, but these are just as flavorful as the small ones.

Sophie said...

thanks a lot for your answers ;) it's a good new !

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