26 August 2012

239/366 ready for school

We spent part of the morning getting backpacks and school supplies all ready to go. School doesn't officially start for us until Wednesday, but we'll be in Portland tomorrow and have a few things lined up for Tuesday. It feels good to be all ready to go! Just need to start thinking about school lunches. . . 
I must say, I am infatuated with these pictures. I'm sure it's because of my freakish love for brand new school supplies. (I know I'm not alone here, but it's freakish nonetheless.) I was inspired by the latest Garnet Hill catalog cover (seen here, at least for today, grayed out on the left side). My hand is still cramped from sharpening all those pencils, but it was absolutely worth it. And see Honey? My antique container fetish comes in handy sometimes. :)

I'm thinking of donating a framed version or notecards to our school auction in the spring. I just can't decide which photo I like better—the smaller container (top image) or the larger container (second image). What do you think?