25 August 2012

238/366 interior decorating, five year old style

Seventeen image (!) collage by PhotoMerge in Photoshop CS5. Taken with my 50mm from six feet away.

For the last year, my little guy (when do I have to stop calling him that?) has been collecting artwork and taping it to his wall. Some are his own creations, others are from his sister, some are photos and crafts we've made together. I find it fascinating to watch him decide which pieces are Wall-Worthy.

He loves his colorful collection, his prized possessions. I love the way he has tiled them and layered them above his rumpled bed, his mattress that is still on the floor instead of a bed frame because he likes to jump on it. I love that he is making his little space his own. I'd much rather have this than a beautifully styled room from a magazine. ♥


Grandpa Bill said...

Seems to be a truck theme developing. He is who he is!

Sophie said...

Une vraie chambre d'enfant ♥♥♥
et moi, j'appelle encore mes grands de 16 ans : mes poussins !! (mais pas devant les copains, ni sur mon blog tout de même, ils ont 16 ans :D )

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