15 October 2012

289/366 standing by the front door

Last week, I asked for some fresh photo ideas because mine were feeling. . . stale. My bestest internet friend, Cathy, who knows me all too well for being an internet friend, suggested a week of self-portraits. Cathy knows I'm not a fan of taking pictures of myself, so her challenge was perfect to push me out of my boredom.

The portrait workshop I took yesterday, during which I practiced with reflectors and fill flash, prompted me to add another layer to this week's challenge. Not only will I take pictures of myself, but I will take pictures of myself using my reflector(s). This is a challenge because a) I'm usually too lazy to get them out, 2) I've only used them a handful of times, so I'm not sure I know how to use them best, and d) I'll be taking most of these pictures while I'm home alone, so I have to figure out ways of keeping the reflector in position without an assistant.

For the picture above, I used my husband's heavy boots and the coffee table to prop up the reflector. This allowed me to get some of the bright light from outside on the dark (inside) half of my body.
Day one down, Cathy. Thank you for the idea. If you have any brilliant posing ideas for me, send them my way. . .