03 November 2012

308/366 uno and yogurt cookie dough

Lazy day. Pajamas all day. (Cute piggie ones.) 
Voting, oil changing, take-and-baking, story reading, UNO playing. 

While the boys were out working on the car, I whipped up some yogurt cookie dough, which is my new “healthy” dessert. It's not really healthy, but it's healthier than when I make it with butter. I usually don't measure and I usually just improvise the ingredients, because I can't find the one I used to use. It's kind of like Bakerella's, but with melted butter instead of softened and only brown sugar. (I posted it on the MakeHappy Facebook page months ago, but haven't had the desire to go through months of posts to try to find it.)

Anyway, I substitute the butter with plain yogurt to make it healthier. It's not as tasty, but it's close enough and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty. Us girls shared some while we played UNO. And laughed. Good quality girl time. ♥