17 November 2012

322/366 glow stick play

Is it weird that as my “x/366” numbers creep higher and higher, I panic a little? I thought I would be celebrating being so close to the end, but now I'm thinking that when I post that last picture on December 31st, I'm going to feel empty and sad. 
As of this moment, my plan is to do a weekly project instead of a daily project. I haven't quite worked out what it will be exactly yet. Will it have a theme? Will I post just one picture a week? Several? Any suggestions? 

The little dude got a glow stick in a birthday party treat bag today. He was playing with it in our windowless laundry room, and called me in to see his “fire”. I told him I would love to take pictures, but that he'd have to hold the glow stick still so I could grab focus before he started moving. This proved to be extremely challenging. It's no wonder the boy is wiped out by 7pm. He never stops moving!

(Shutter speed for all photos was 1.6 seconds. I increased exposure a lot in Lightroom, so I probably should have shot an even longer frame.)