18 November 2012

323/366 lazy, productive sunday

We stayed in our pajamas all day. We didn't brush our teeth until after lunch. We took afternoon showers and put new pajamas on. Lazy.

But we did eight loads of laundry. I got our holiday card and “letter” all ready to send to the printer, teaching myself some Illustrator along the way. Hubs smoked a turkey and made cranberry sauce. The kids played nicely together all day long. We taught Sweetpea to make macaroni and cheese, so if she gets stranded on a dessert island, she'll be able to eat something other than scrambled eggs, cereal, and pb&j. Hubs played cars with the kids. Dishes were done, laundry was folded, stories were read, children were tickled. Productive.

And a pretty darn great day.