19 November 2012

324/366 cardboard birds

We made cardboard turkeys the other day, thanks to Joel's idea and templates on Made By Joel. Hooray for us finally using up our eight year old bag of colored craft feathers, but boo for me not realizing we only had twelve tiny ones left. I may encourage the kids to make some more feathers out of paper to fill in those bare turkeys a bit.

Or they could just draw some on, like Sweetpea did with her peacock. Of course she'd make a peacock, right? He's a keeper. I'm sure he'll be proudly displaying his plumage in her room for a long time.

(The one on the left is sporting a string of twinkle lights.)

This would be a great way to keep kids occupied before dinner is on the table Thursday! And Sweetpea has an idea to make a similar interlocking cardboard project in a tree shape next month. I'll let you know how that goes.