27 November 2012

332/366 peppermint bliss

Ah, my favorite time of year.
Peppermint Jo Jo time!

I'm being good. I only bought one box this year.

Today was so unbelievably cloudy, I had to pull out my food light. The kids came in to see what I was doing, and both bolted to get their cameras to have a turn. I'm kicking myself now for not taking a picture of them crouched down in front of my floor setup. I'll have to do another one soon, just so I can capture them being photographers.


Jillaire said...

Sorry, but the best part of this post for me is that the "you may also like" leads include 2 recipes I shared with you!! (At least, I think I was your source for veggie lasagna in the crockpot and choc zucchini cake w/PB frosting.) Also, I think I need to go get me some peppermint jo jos.

Cathy said...

I've never had a peppermint Jo Jo. Trader Joe's finally came to Utah though so that might change soon!

Andrea said...

I finally got my hands on some of these this year!! So good! Lovely photos! :-)

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