12 December 2012

347/366 cardboard trees

Remember the cardboard birds? And how I said the kids wanted to make cardboard trees? We finally did. 

For each tree, I cut two tree shapes out of cardboard, and cut a slit halfway up from the bottom on one, 
and halfway down from the top on the other. (The slit should be the same width as the cardboard.)
 The kids painted them, we let them dry, and then I slid them together—gently so the paint wouldn't scratch.
It was a fun, easy craft!

And for Cathy, pictures of our real tree.
It's not our usual tree. We bought it from a school fundraiser, and it was decorated by a middle school class. It came covered in beautiful sparkly blue ornaments with sparkly blue tulle. We wanted to make it our own, so we hauled out our favorite ornaments and replaced a few of the blue ones with our sentimental ones. 

The tulle is not something I would normally have, but I really like the added sparkle. 

The red birds (you see one, but there are three) are also not something I would normally have. They were added by Sweetpea. I figure when the kids are out of the house, I'll have full reign over the tree and can decorate it any way I like. For now, it's fun to see their personalities on the tree.