17 December 2012

352/366 wasted

I spent the day researching lenses. It feels like such a waste, even if it was mine to waste, as our wine bottle of the evening so generously states. I honestly didn't have anything I needed to do today, but I was hoping to read a good chunk of my current book (The Light Between Oceans—loving it!). That didn't happen. I did take some boxes to the post office and play Cars Monopoly with the kids, but otherwise it was agonizing over lenses. 24-70? 35mm 1.8? 28mm 1.8? 17-55?

I really think the 24-70 would be the perfect focal length for me when I travel or photograph events. But that lens is so monstrously big with the hood attached, which would be a requirement for me due to the notorious focus ring/barrel issues, that I just don't feel comfortable making the investment. The 17-55 would be ok, but doesn't have the reach of the 70 that I was really looking for. I'm leaning toward a semi-wide prime (which turns into a normal prime on my d7000) for some extra room with no distortion. This means I'll have to suck it up and just change lenses all the time while traveling/event shooting. Sigh.

If you're not into lenses, please disregard all my camera-speak. :)

I hope your day wasn't wasted!