18 December 2012

353/366 direction

I was thinking about these “From Where I Stand” photo projects today. I know the trend has passed, but I really like them. (Especially these on Snippets From Suburbia.) I started thinking about doing a “From Where I Stand” project after this 366 is up. One one hand, the limited scope would be quite a challenge. It would be fun to think of ways to keep it interesting.

On the other hand, everyone, including me, would get tired of seeing my feet day after day. I'd be tempted to buy more interesting shoes. And I wouldn't share as many pictures of snow falling during sunrise.
Right now, I'm thinking of doing a different project each month. From Where I Stand in January, but not necessarily every day. Just most days, with the goal of posting pictures on the same day I shoot, so my editing doesn't pile up. 

Or maybe the first week of each month will be From Where I Stand. The second week will be self portraits. The third week oudoors. The fourth week a wild card. Hmm. . .