18 January 2013

happy friday!

  1. I'm so glad it's Friday. Influenza is going around my kids' school like gangbusters, and many kids are severely sick. A quarter of the student body was out yesterday. I almost kept my kids home today just to keep them away from the germs. But it's a three day weekend, and we've been eating oranges daily for the last few weeks (go vitamin C!), so I'm hopeful we'll avoid illness. We're washing hands and hydrating and I bought more oranges today.
  2. I've been working on my family Blurb books every waking moment this week. I do one for each year to document all our favorite pictures and events. I finished 2010! Woo! Only 2011 and 2012 to go, and I'm hoping I can get started on 2013 before the year is over.
  3. I haven't picked my camera up in several days. The break has been really nice, but I need to pick it up soon before I forget everything I've learned.
  4. I made this crock pot cheesecake. My 6" springform pan has a large base and wouldn't fit in my crock pot, so I used a glass baking dish, and set it into the water bath. I followed all the other directions, but the cheesecake was still underdone after the cooking/cooling process. I finished it in the oven. It was delicious! I subbed vanilla for the almond extract and topped it with sour cherries. Yum.
  5. Hubs gave me a few pairs of Darn Tough socks for Christmas. Full cushion, baby! They keep my feet so warm. I love them. I need some more. My feet are constantly cold from late fall to early spring, but these socks + slippers inside and these socks + my favorite boots outside make the chill manageable. (The boots are a few years old, so not readily available. But the wool lining is the key. So warm!)

Off to do more Blurbing before the kids come home. Have a great weekend!


Cathy said...

1. Whew. I hope your kids' school is super small. Ours has about 1,200 students so a quarter out would be disastrous. I hope you avoid it!

2. When my kids are both in school I hope to be able to do something other than the basics like shower and wash dishes because right now that's pretty much all I do. Ah, the season of life with little kids (it's kind of killing me).

3. Pick up that camera!

4. Crock pot cheesecake sounds weird. I used to make cheesecake in college. Oh, I was so very popular with the boys because of it.

5. My feet have been freezing lately. I was even tempted to wear socks to bed. That's how desperate I was.

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