20 February 2013

classroom treats

My little dude had a birthday celebration at school this week. It's not actually his birthday, but he's a summer baby and no one in his class has a February birthday, so we opted to celebrate now instead of in June with the rest of the summer babies.

He did not want the traditional cupcakes, though. His first request was caramel apples. I knew that would never fly in a kindergarten class, so we talked over a few options and finally came up with this—individual cups of caramel dip and apple slices on sticks. It worked really well! Everyone was finished quickly, almost everyone loved it, and aside from a few sticky fingers, cleanup was a breeze. His teacher was pleasantly surprised!
I dipped the apple slices in pineapple juice to keep them from browning. It worked well.

And since I didn't get any good closeups at school, Sweetpea generously volunteered to pose for me after school with an extra caramel cup. It helped that she got to eat her prop. :)