14 May 2013

kale salad

I tried a new kale recipe today.

I found it yesterday, and figured I'd have to get kale at the store because the kale I planted (from the seeds I harvested months ago) is still in its infancy. But as I was working in the garden this morning, I realized that lots of those baby kale plants needed to be thinned. And all those extra little plants made the perfect amount of salad for dinner.

 I cut the leaves off with my kitchen shears and composted the muddy roots.

The garden is coming along nicely. 
The herbs are in flower, little green strawberries are forming, and the chard is still going strong from last year.
Today I planted basil,

some tomatoes,

and weeded the hell out of my beet rows.

I also weeded the kale plot.
Peek a boo, baby kale!
I'm trying a row cover this year to keep the cabbage moths away.

I found the recipe on Catherine Newman's blog, Ben & Birdy. Catherine's my favorite because she's an improvisational cook like me. You could just wing it—kale, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, Parmesan, and bread crumbs—but go check out the actual kale salad recipe. I bet you'll like Catherine's writing as much as I do.

Definitely try this salad. It is seriously so good. And don't leave out the Parmesan or bread crumbs. They take the salad from plain old dressed kale to a salad my kids will eat without complaining.