18 June 2013

wahclella falls hike

We took a family hike to Wahclella Falls, near Bonneville Dam in Oregon. I heard it was “easy and kid friendly,” and I assumed that meant boring. It was anything but boring! What a fantastic trail.

In the 70s, a landslide caused house-sized boulders to fall into the creek. Before the landslide, the creek was straight. Now it curves and climbs around these boulders to make its way through. Fascinating.

We also came upon this little cave. Our guide book said it was 70 feet long. Hubs took the kids nearly all the way back. I stayed outside hoping it wouldn't collapse and that I wouldn't have to go in after anyone. Me and enclosed, crushing spaces? We're not friends.

Tiny flowers are my friends. 

The tiny lot at Wahclella was full, so we had to park across the exit at Bonneville Dam. As we walked back to the car, we took a few minutes to say hello to Herman, the gigantic resident 70 year old sturgeon. 

Hi, Herman.