19 June 2013


I can't keep anything in a pot alive. I planted a succulent container a while back and I've just about killed it. It wasn't getting enough light on the coffee table, so I moved it to a brighter spot, but the damage had been done. Leaves were falling off, and I recovered as many as I could to see if they would root. I moved the pot outside to brighter sun and ended up frying it. Then it rained a lot and it got soaked. Half the plants bit the dust, and the other half (the sturdier, cactus-like ones) were like, “Whatever, dude. Just chill.”

Thankfully, a few of those fallen leaves have started growing new plants, so I get a second chance.

 Some babies that I snipped off yesterday for rooting.

Meanwhile, my original succulent pot—the successful one, the one that made me think succulents were easy and I could totally have some inside as well—is blooming with some fantastic little pink flowers. They remind me of the Mahna Mahna girls.