07 November 2013

homemade butterfingers

Recipes for turning candy corn into homemade Butterfingers have been around for years. After staring at a jar of candy corn for two weeks, I finally tried transforming them from something I would never eat (I have never liked candy corn), into something that I would probably eat.

Imagine my surprise after I made them and had the urge to eat them all in one sitting.

There are a million recipes out there; I used this one from Tasty Kitchen, because it suckered me in with “3 Ingredients” in the title. I'm lazy, but I can handle three ingredients.

Ingredient number one: candy corn. Now, I told you I don't like this stuff. Honestly, I avoid it like Frankenstein's monster avoids fire. Candy corn, bad! Corn syrup, bad! Yellow #5, bad! Watching it melt was a little nauseating. But I sucked it up and kept on because I really wanted to see if the end result tasted like Butterfingers.

Once the candy corn was melted, I mixed in peanut butter. I spread that disgusting mixture that looked like puke into a parchment lined pan and let it cool and harden in the fridge. After an hour, I pulled it out, cut it into mini bars, and covered each one with chocolate.

Ok, you got me. I “covered” two with chocolate, for pictures. I'm lazy and I didn't want to waste two cups of chocolate chips on something that might not taste good, so I skimped and only half covered the rest.

Silly, silly me. They're delicious! They taste very close to Butterfingers and even have that crispy crunch if you eat them right out of the freezer. I thought keeping them in the freezer would help limit the amount I ate, but no such luck. I do have my husband to keep me accountable, though. He comes home from work and asks how many I ate, so he can be sure to eat the same amount. Gotta be fairsies, you know. We did not, however, tell the children about these new treats. They have buckets full of trick or treat candy and certainly don't need any more.

If you've still got candy corn sitting on your counter, you should definitely try them. They were easy and pretty quick to make. The chocolate dipping took a while, but I've seen some floating around online that were just covered on the top and bottom like layered bars. I would totally do that next time.

If I make them again, that is. I still look at that impossibly orange filling when I'm eating one and remind myself that I'm eating little bits of candy corn. I'm pretty amazed that those yucky little things can be turned into something I actually like.