17 December 2013

frosty morning

Nature's Glitter Just another gorgeous frosty morning in the Columbia River Gorge.
Yes, I pinch myself daily. Even after living here eight years.
Frosty morning Frosty pinecones What Lies Behind Shades of gray Forest Rays Mossy Tree Fog and Shadows Crepuscular


Andrea said...

The light and fig throught those trees - delightful! You must print some of those and hang them!

Deb said...

Gorgeous photos! You have a fantastic eye for capturing beautiful light.

Anonymous said...

I love pic # 4! I could stare at it all day!


Marisa said...

Thanks everyone!
Andrea—I plan to! Just need more walls first. ;)
Deb—What a great compliment. Thank you so much.
Bridget—I could write a story about that picture! So mysterious.

Sophie said...

I love those pictures ♥ (as you can see on my blog ;) )

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