31 December 2013

happy new year!

Happy new year! Do you have any new year's eve traditions? We don't really. . . but we're usually hanging out, playing newly received games and writing thank you notes. There's always some kind of tasty treat involved in the evening—an antipasto tray and baguette or a celebratory steak.

This morning we had a Lego Heroica Fortaan tournament. Three rounds and I won them all! Beginner's luck.

My Hero Pack at the beginning was pretty slim. It filled up quickly with monsters, a staff, potions, extra health, and gold. Mwahaha.

Me, the barbarian, victoriously standing atop the Goblin King.

This is in focus—it's just a cheap plastic ball instead of a fragile, truly mirrored one. Note Sweetpea waving in the back.
In the afternoon, Sweetpea and I played Bananagrams. It was a long, drawn out game because she's nine and has trouble thinking of words sometimes. I'm hoping she'll get faster with more practice, since she's my best bet for a regular opponent around here!

May your new year be grapey and wonderful!