05 December 2013

frozen hummingbird food

Winter has come early to the Pacific NW. We've had sub-freezing temperatures for the last few weeks. The hummingbirds get annoyed with me when I let their sugar water freeze. I can hear them chirping outside the window as soon as the sun comes up. I was bringing in the feeder and heating it with a hair dryer, but that was taking a long time. I love seeing the hummingbirds out my window, but if it takes longer to feed them than to feed my own children, the situation ceases to work for me.

Yesterday, I picked up a new (pretty!) feeder in town. My plan is to swap a frozen feeder for a thawed feeder as needed. Today is Day 1. If you feed birds, you know they are creatures of habit. They return each winter to the place your feeder was last year, and if you get a new feeder, they get thrown off for a while. One hummer took a chance and sipped from the new feeder this morning; the others just chirped until I brought the red one back out. 

Hopefully they'll get used to it. I like the blue one better.