10 December 2013

random road pictures


I almost never take pictures from the car. I'm almost never satisfied with pictures of blurry scenery through dirty car windows, and if I do take some, I end up deleting them all. But Saturday we were in the car at just the right time on a December afternoon. Oh, how I love that December sun! I snapped away and actually kept two.

Driving into the sunset

Last week I had an errand in Trout Lake, Washington. (If you know the area, you're thinking, What kind of errand could she have in tiny Trout Lake? It was school related.) The morning sun and the freshly dressed Mt. Adams made me thankful I brought my camera along.

Trout Lake welcomes you

Mt. Adams, newly dressed

I'm getting the urge to do another photography project. I haven't been giving my camera nearly enough love this year!