31 January 2011

lollipop flower valentines

 I asked Sweetpea if she wanted to buy premade valentines this year or craft some up. She chose the crafty route, so I hopped on to Google Images and searched for "valentine craft kid." That gave us several options to choose from and the basic idea for this lollipop flower valentine. We put our own spin on it, and love the way it turned out. Bonus: it's really easy, and doesn't cost a lot of money. (I'm cheap when it comes to making things in mass quantities.)
 We used a pencil to poke holes in the center of each cupcake liner, then layered as pictured.

 Then we made double-sided leaves for the message.

 6. Write your messages on the leaves before attaching. We chose "Happy Valentine's Day" on the front and "Love, Sweetpea" on the back. Except, of course, we used her real name instead of her made-up blog pseudonym.
I used double-sided tape. This kind, if you're interested. (I love those little squares.) With kids, I find it's much easier to use instant-gratification tape rather than the press-and-hold method needed with glue. Use whatever adhesive you and your patience level desires. 

Looking at these pictures now, I'm realizing that green washi tape would have made super easy, one-step leaves. Too bad my recent washi purchase included every color except green. Learn from my mistakes, people. :) (If you go the washi route, you will probably need to write the message after attaching, but it should be too hard. Maybe save that for kids over six that have a real handle on writing, or write the message yourself.)

Ta da!