04 April 2013

eagle creek trail

 Metlako Falls

We took a hike along Eagle Creek trail today. It's one of the most popular hikes in the Columbia River Gorge, with good reason. So beautiful! Perfect for a rainy weekday—we were almost the only ones there. Try to go on a sunny Saturday and you'll be lucky to find a parking spot within a mile of the trailhead. Plus you'll have to navigate some narrow, treacherous trail sections with oncoming traffic. Not for me, thank you.

 Punchbowl Falls, from above

Since we're still in early spring, there was too much water for us to get to the Punchbowl vantage point I had hoped for. Next time I'll bring waterproof shoes. (And my tripod. I was nervous enough about the narrow cliff trails, I decided having a tripod hanging off my backpack was too much. I made the right decision, but I really missed my tripod. I wanted a much slower shutter for those waterfalls!)

The kids had fun making rock stacks during our snack breaks. 

We're planning on hiking a lot between now and fall, so hopefully I'll have more of these to come.
With a tripod!