26 October 2009

Halloween Challenge: Completed!

Here are some photos of the kids in their costumes. The dog costume is complete! The shoe covers were way easier than I thought, since I'm not planning on keeping them past Halloween. (If you'd like instructions, just leave a comment and ask.) I don't think I'm going to cover up the stripes on the jacket because, frankly, I'm tired of working on the dog costume. :) It's good enough and I received lots of compliments on it at our Halloween carnival Saturday.Oh, and in case you're wondering, I didn't do much for H's costume. I made her tail and some black cat paws that match J's doggy paws. The rest was purchased. She has a cute little velour jacket to go with it (not pictured) because she wanted to "have fur all over."

If you have costumes you've been working on for yourself or your kids, leave me a comment with a link. I'd love to see them! Happy Halloween!


Eos Mom said...

Hi, I came over from TipJunkie (for your warm fuzzy jar) but then I got sucked into this dog costume series. LOVE it! Fantastic job--all that from one fat quarter for $3.75--oh how I wish I were so frugal and crafty. Your kids look adorable!!!

Marisa said...

Thanks, Eos Mom! And thanks for visiting!

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