14 October 2009

Halloween Challenge: Dog Costume (Part 4--the Tail)

I promise you, the photo above is a tail. It could be seen as many other things, but it is, indeed, a doggie tail. This is Part 4 of my costume challenge. To follow from the beginning, click here.
I began by cutting the tiny strip of fabric remaining on one half of my fat quarter. It is about 15" long by 2-3" wide. I folded it in half and cut in tail-shaped contours, with the folded edge being the tip of the tail.Then I sewed up the sides, right sides together, leaving the unfolded edge unsewn for turning.

I turned the tail right side out, and gathered some stuffing and the thickest wire I had in my craft desk--20 gauge. I doubled it to make sure it would be good and sturdy, and folded over the sharp edges.I stuffed the tail first, then inserted the wire through the middle, taking care to keep it buried in the stuffing and away from the fabric.
Then all I had left to do was fold the open edges in and sew it shut. It would have been prettier to hand sew it, but I just ran it through the machine. The fabric hides the stitching anyway, and this way I'll have a little band to facilitate safety-pinning the tail to J's pants.

Next step: the paws.


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