17 February 2010

150 posts=free printable!

Yes, you! YOU rock! make*happy is now 150 posts old, and to thank you 2 or 3 non-family readers, I'm offering my first free printable below. Thanks for reading, and BIG thanks to those of you who have offered wonderful comments. I love comments. :)

The card above was my valentine to Hubs. It, and the printable below, was inspired by a Paper Crafts mailer I received last week. (They have some great ideas over there...you should check out their blog.)

And here is my valentine for H. I had another idea in mind, but then I saw a commercial with a paper doll chain and wanted to try it. It was my first time cutting paper dolls and it was really fun. I love my Xacto knife, but sometimes it's nice to just sit with scissors and paper in hand. Very old school.
But you don't care about that...you want your free stuff! OK, here it is.

Now, this is my first time posting a printable this way, so please, please comment and let me know if it works or not. I'd like to do this again, but I have to make sure the instructions are easy to follow and the product turns out as it should.

  • Click on the image for the full size jpeg (in a new tab or window, so you can still see these instructions)
  • Right click on image
  • Click "save image as..." and save somewhere you can find it (I use my desktop, but you might have a special place for downloads)
  • Open the file in an image viewer that has a print option (Paint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Photoshop, etc.)
  • If applicable, set print margins to 0.5" or less
  • Print on desired color cardstock
  • Cut
*Note that the image is reversed. It is supposed to be like that, I promise. That way, when you cut out the letters, you won't have to worry about any lines showing on the front of the letter. Clever, eh? :)

Here's what it would look like if it were not reversed (don't print the image below):

Would you like some suggestions for how to use these words? You would? OK. Use them on a card, a gift tag, in a scrapbook, or just for a cute little sign to hang up somewhere random--like your calendar. Here are some suggested sayings, with the printable words in bold:
  • Hope your party rocks
  • You rock
  • Make a wish
  • Happy birthday to you
  • thank you
  • thanks bunches/a million/for being you
  • it's a boy/girl
  • time to party
Yeah, you get the idea. Let me know if you need some more suggestions for specific words. I can help you brainstorm.

Have fun with it! (And really, let me know how the printing process goes.)


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