12 April 2010

another use for a flower punch...

Why would one want to make a heart from a flower punch, you ask? Well, the #1 reason is that the person doesn't own a heart punch. And let's say that person is making a card for her sister-in-law's wedding (that may or may not be this Saturday). Hearts come in handy for wedding cards. Flowers do, too, but I already used flowers for her bridal shower card. :)

And yes, I know I don't need a punch to make a heart. That would be the reason I don't own a heart punch. But I'm a busy girl and I was looking for a shortcut. When I saw two symmetrical bumps in those flower petals, I thought, I can make that into a heart in two scissor snips. And I did. Now I'm going to show you how, so you can impress your friends.

First, punch a flower from your desired color of paper.
Now, choose two bumps to be the top of your heart. For my punch it could be any two bumps, but yours may be different. Make a cut, following the angle of the outside of a bump.
See where I'm going with this?
Now find the outside of the opposite bump, and make your final cut.
[Gah. My hands are dry. And wrinkly. When did that happen?]

Et voila!
I was pretty impressed with myself, if you can't tell. The card turned out pretty nifty, too. I'll try to take a picture so I can show you all, but not until after the wedding. The bride-to-be reads the blog. :)


Cathy said...

So clever!

Bcieloha said...

Wooooooo!! I'm so excited to see the card that may or not be for me and for my wedding that may or may not be this Saturday. :)

Marisa@make*happy said...

Hee hee! :)

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