19 April 2010

wedding card and photo project

My little sister got married Saturday! Well, she's my hubby's little sister, but we don't worry about such formalities in our family. The wedding was absolutely perfect and beautiful.

The photo collage above was my main contribution. The bride originally wanted similar photos for table numbers, but her venue wouldn't allow assigned seating. So we came up with this idea. I walked around town, snapping photos of all the applicable letters/numbers I could find. Then I sent all the choices to the bride- and groom-to-be. They made their choices, I Photoshopped it all together (and learned a lot in the process!) and had it framed. It's exactly how we all imagined it would be. It was an interesting focal point for the favor table, and will hang on the wall in the newlyweds' home, if they so choose. What a fun project for me!

And here is the card I made for them. Those are the hearts made from flower punches that I posted last week.
(Please excuse the photos. The lighting was too harsh, and I'm not patient enough to fool around with Photoshop today.)

The hearts are stapled to the card, so inside, I wrote:
I thought it was funny. :) And before you say, "That's not a very wedding-y card...," I should tell you that the wedding colors were black, white, and red. So it fit. And that black with white polka dots background is indeed their wrapped wedding gift. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the sea of white, flowery packages. But that's kind of how I roll these days.