03 May 2010

fun kid lunch: tortilla pinwheels

My this-close-to-six year old inspires me to keep coming up with creative lunches. I packed her lunch today with a little container full of these ham, cream cheese, and tortilla pinwheels. I took it one step further for J, since I'm not restricted to a lunchbox for him, and used the pinwheels to make a little flower. I'll have to make one for H this weekend, because she'll be bummed she missed out on the flower.

First, I spread cream cheese on a small whole wheat tortilla. I let J help, since he's working on his spreading skills. Then I gave him two slices of ham to put on top, and let him roll it up.
[It's blurry because I said, "Wait, let me take a picture first!" But he was too fast.]

I had to re-roll it so it was really tightly rolled, then I cut it into one-inch pieces. I let him eat the ends while I arranged the pinwheels on the plate. Kids are always more compliant if they get to sneak little tastes. :)

I grabbed a cucumber, sliced off a little stem and a little triangular leaf, and it was done. 

Super quick, super easy, super fun. And hey! Healthy, too. Perfect lunch for spring.


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