30 April 2010

healthy banana muffins

Here is my second attempt at using up that whole wheat pastry flour. Well, I guess it's my third or fourth, because I tried the pizza dough twice to see if I could make it better. There's about a cup left of the flour, so I'm just going to throw it in the next time I make a batch of pancake mix.

Aren't bananas ugly when they start turning brown? Banana peels always make me cringe, even when greenish yellow, because of the stories I've heard about various creatures being allowed to run all over the crates before they get to grocery stores. Goodness knows what kind of evil germs are left behind after that. Always wash your bananas before peeling, or peel-toss-wash your hands. Yuck.
Even though they don't look attractive, I get excited when the bananas get ripe, because it means I get to make banana bread. Yum.

Or, in this case, banana muffins. Health-food style. Nothin' bad in these babies, except a little brown sugar. (I'm not going totally crazy.)
These are sturdy little muffins. Perfect to pack in a lunchbox because they won't be easily squished. Great for tossing in your backpack for a hike, too. You could easily add some chopped walnuts for some extra trail-trekking protein.


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