15 June 2010

super duper spray paint

Do you remember this?
I found this green monster at Home Goods a month or so ago. It's very close to what I'd been looking for to go in the little corner by the front door. I mean almost exactly what I'd been searching for--right shape, and almost the right size. But the color, well, it doesn't really go with my house. Thank goodness for people like Abby and Allison, who have taught me that spray paint can fix almost anything.

This Sunday was fairly warm (near 80°, I would imagine), bright and sunny, with nothing scheduled. Sure, I had some yard work to do, but that made my spray paint project even more doable. Spray on a coat, pull some weeds. Do another coat, plant the cucumbers.

I primed the...the...container? Vase? Vessel? Let's go with vessel. I primed the vessel with the Ruddy Brown primer first. I applied three coats because I wanted all that green covered up. Each coat dried super fast, so it was no trouble to keep adding coats, even for this impatient crafter.

After the vessel was all dry and primed, I pulled out the Oil Rubbed Bronze. I sprayed on my first coat, loved it, and immediately went strolling through my house to see if there was anything else I could spray with bronze! (No luck this time, but I still have some paint left.) I applied several coats of the bronze to cover up all that Ruddy Brown.
Now it's done and I love it! 

I'm tempted to rub on another color to highlight the texture and give it some artificial patina. But I'm not sure what color to do and don't really feel like repainting it if I mess up. So I'm just going to leave it as it is for the time being. I'll keep my eye out for bronze items with patina and take note of the color.

What have you rescued with spray paint?


Christine Hoffman said...

me and spray paint.
we go way back.

Anonymous said...

I like the new look!! I think it would look fab if you bought some glaze or craft paint {maybe a gold or bronze?} and put that on the more detailed areas. Just wipe it off real quick and only leave enough paint to make some areas pop.

Grandpa Bill said...

I also thought of the spray and wipe fake antique treatment--maybe Chinese red?--but abby gets credit for first comment.

Do you know the invert-and-spray trick to preserve the rest of the paint? It used to be printed on most cans, but maybe single use is the way of things now. Hell, I do it because I'm a tightwad.

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