15 June 2010

traveling again

Once again, I'm packing my suitcase. But this time, I don't have to pack any Pull-Ups, toys, booster seats or Disney movies. Hubs and I are taking a grown-ups only trip to visit my brother in Cheyenne, WY.

I've never left the kids for longer than one night. I know they'll be in good hands, but it still feels very strange.

My brother says there's almost nothing to do in Cheyenne, so we should plan to spend most of our time in Colorado--Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, etc. But I challenge you, dear readers, to prove him wrong! 

I'm looking for suggestions of things to do in June anywhere between Cheyenne and Denver. We only have a few days, but I would love to hear your favorite restaurants and other must-see spots. 
  • We will be taking a day hike, arranged by my outdoorsy brother.
  • We will be partaking in the Wyoming Brewer's Festival.
  • We may be touring New Belgium Brewery. (Hubs is a Fat Tire nut.)
  • We will most likely have a full day and a half in Denver.
What else should we be doing?


Anonymous said...

My hubby says that Sierra Trading Post has an outlet in Cheyenne. He went once and got a ton of stuff for really cheap. $300 hiking boots for $15 kind of cheap. You probably totally already know about the outlet but I thought I would tell you just in case.

Have a great time!!

Grandpa Bill said...

STP is also the world's headquarters for cheap T shirts, where the blemished Beefy T's and other great shirts go to wait for me to buy them for less than five bucks.

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