26 July 2010

black spaghetti

When I was in Denver (see here and here), I got to explore a SuperTarget. We don't have SuperTargets around here...I think the closest one is a day's drive away in California. This makes me really sad, because Target is one of my favorite stores, and SuperTarget was awesome. The grocery prices were pretty horrid, but I was very impressed with the variety found in the Archer Farms line. 

Exhibit A: Black Spaghetti.

Black spaghetti! How cool is that? Of course I bought some, and I carried it on the plane to keep it from getting crushed in my luggage.
The coolest part? It's black because it's made with squid ink.

Totally. flippin. RAD.

I was so excited, I spent part of the plane ride dreaming up an exotic topping to match the exotic pasta. And then I lost momentum, and kinda forgot. So guess what we had?
Ugh. What a disappointment I am. I chalk my lack of creativity up to post-vacation stress disorder (PVSD).

(Ha! Hubs came up with that one. He can be really funny sometimes.)

Luckily, we only cooked up half the package, so I still had another chance to redeem myself. This time I did better:
Black spaghetti with asparagus and beef in a sautéed garlic red wine reduction. 

(Yes, asparagus in June--it was June then--we had a looong spring here in the NW, if you haven't heard.)

I don't have a recipe for you, because it was created on the fly. But the ingredients are as listed above, nothing extra. You could probably figure it out.

It was so good. I felt completely redeemed and worthy of my "Crafty" title once again.

Oh, a final note about Target. I have since found that my not really local Target carries some of the Archer Farms treasures--like the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, thank goodness--but sadly, no black spaghetti.


Cathy said...

Dark chocolate peanut butter? Why have I not heard of this sooner? Super Target really is super!

Esbe said...

I'll be honest, this totally freaks me out. I couldn't eat it...but I am not a seafood lover.

Glad someone out there likes it though :)

Marisa said...

Oh, Esbe, I should have addressed that. It doesn't taste like squid at all! It tastes just like regular pasta. Promise. :)

Christy said...

Amazing, Target is the best. I'm very sad for you that you can't get to a Super Target easily. I have 3 reg, and 1 Super within 30 mins of me. God Bless the South!

Amanda said...

Weird! I've honestly never heard of this. My town has a super Target and I soak it up like you wouldn't believe!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love Super Target. They put one in our hometown a few months after we moved away for the navy. Instead of a Starbucks inside of it there is a coldstone! My two favorite places under one roof! If we decide to get out in a few years I may try to move into the Super T. :)

J I L L A I R E said...

Costco sells a butternut squash spaghetti sauce that is orange. I see a great Halloween meal. Also, I love your "local" Target comment. I once said something about our local Home Depot. People don't appreciate that that means 30 minutes away!

s said...

salmon with aquid Ink Pasta, with grilled tomatoes, spinach, olive oil and grated Pecorino cheese is the way to go.

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