28 July 2010

scratch brownie winner

At the beginning of the month, I posted some brownies I made from scratch. At the end of that post, I asked if there were any scratch brownie recipes that compared to the rich chocolatey goodness of a brownie mix. My dear friend Abby said that she had just eaten the best brownie ever, made by her friend Darien of Adventurehood. I got the recipe. I tried it.

My search is over.

These brownies are exactly what I was looking for--rich, chocolatey, sufficiently brown. I made half my batch with all semi-sweet chocolate chips, and the other half with semi-sweet and butterscotch chips. Both were yummy. H preferred the butterscotch, but I preferred the pure chocolate.

I thought about posting pictures of the whole brownie-making process, but decided against it. There is one portion of the recipe that is a little frightening. The mixing of the butter and sugar almost made me halt my brownie plans, but I was determined to see things through. I'm glad I did. If you make them, just keep in mind that brownies are treats and cut them in really tiny pieces.

And don't eat four of those really tiny pieces just to "get rid of them." You might get a tummy ache and start whining like your 6yr old daughter. Don't ask me how I know.
Seriously, though, these are fabulous brownies for the first two days. Beyond that, they dry out a little. Still tasty, but not as moist. So if you don't have several people to share these brownies with, I suggest cutting the recipe in half. Just bake them in an 8x8 pan for less time.

You can always make another half batch when those run out.

Click over to Adventurehood for Darien's recipe. A big thank you to Darien and Abby!