29 July 2010

cabbage and goat cheese chilaquiles

How's that for a title? Did I get your attention?

I've had the tiniest smidge of leftover enchilada sauce sitting in my fridge for a week. Seriously. Maybe 1/2 cup. What in the world can you do with 1/2 cup of enchilada sauce?

I also happened to have some leftover sauteed onions, chopped cabbage, and a giant log of goat cheese from Costco that isn't disappearing as fast as I thought.

The images of all those things swirling in my head combined to make only one thing--chilaquiles.

I've talked about chilaquiles before. The dish is fairly new to me, but I'm loving the versatility. It's a muy fabuloso fridge-cleaning meal.
  • I put the enchilada sauce in a sauce pan until it was hot.
  • I threw in some tortilla chips and coated them evenly with the sauce.
  • While the chips were softening in the sauce, I reheated the onions and crumbled the goat cheese.
  • Then I threw the chopped cabbage in the saucepan and stirred so it could soften slightly and soak up the rest of the enchilada sauce.
  • Scooped the chip and cabbage mixture onto a plate.
  • Topped with warm onions.
  • Sprinkled with goat cheese.
  • Added a dollop of plain yogurt. (I've grown to love it as a sour cream I can eat every day.)
It all looked so good as it was coming together, I mixed up a quick and dirty margarita. The meal really calls for a margarita. Thank goodness for bottled lime juice.

The result was surprisingly yummy. The goat cheese added a tang that really complimented the smoky enchilada sauce.

I know you're wondering about that cabbage. Honestly, I couldn't really differentiate between the cabbage and the onions. Both added a nice crunch and only slight flavor.

I found myself wishing for shredded chicken and cilantro. I think I'll make a big batch of non-leftover chilaquiles for dinner this weekend.

What are you cooking this weekend?


Hannah said...

wowza! that looks fantastic.

and, holy cow, your photography skills are out of this world. fab.

Marisa said...

Wow, thanks Hannah! That made me smile. :)

Genelle said...

Mmmmm. Chilaquiles are one of my fav things to make, but I loved this variation! I bet the goat cheese was fantastic. Might have to come up with something similar tonight.. makes my mouth water!

Ms M said...

I feel hungry!!! Lovely blog!

Jenn from Much to My Delight said...

Clever idea! I love chilaquiles, and never would have thought to be innovative enough to use cabbage in lieu of chicken. Yum!

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