22 September 2010

antique cookie cutter ornament

antique ornament 1

Remember this? I found it at the antique fair and I told you I had a special project for it.
antique ornament 2

I had to be a little secretive about it because I was turning it into a gift for a friend. My friend, the same one that took the antique show trip with me, picked up this cookie cutter with interest when we saw it. I thought she might buy it, but she decided to return it to the display table. Me, being a super quick thinker and realizing that her birthday was the following week, snatched that cookie cutter back up and paid for it straight away. "I think I'll make it into a Christmas ornament," I said to her. She thought it would make a great ornament.
antique ornament 3

Little did she know that this ornament would arrive on her doorstep just a few days later.
She should have it now. I hope she likes it.

This was obviously a simple project--throw a ribbon on and add a hook. But the hook provided a challenge. I didn't want to slap a shiny new ornament hook on an antique with such patina. So I scoured my local thrift shops for old ornaments with some antique-y hooks.

Nada. Granted, one shop was closed, but the two shops I visited were fresh out of Christmas decor. So I asked Hubs if he had any old wire out in his shop. He came back with this:
antique ornament 4
It was a link from the chain used to suspend our dining room pendant. The color wasn't a perfect match, but I was happy with it considering my short deadline.
antique ornament 5
I love how it turned out. I kind of wish I had one for myself!

Have you made any unique ornaments that you love?
(Feel free to add a link or describe it in the comments.)