26 September 2010

handmade cards—end of summer collection

I've been snapping photos of the cards I've made recently and collecting them in a folder for the day I could share a bunch with you at once. Well, I've either misplaced several of them or I have a more severe case of "Mommy Brain" than I thought, because i could only find three. Oh well. Here they are anyway. :)

This was for my new SIL's bridal shower. It was actually inspired by a shower tile. (Everyone finds inspiration in the shower, right?) If anyone is interested in the "shower tile to card" process, let me know in the comments and I'll post it.

This one was for a friend. My original vision for the flower was quite different. But I realized that with two dramatic prints, I'd be better off using the flower shape from the background paper than to introduce yet another dramatic image.

I really love how this turned out. The white paper for the flower was cut into shape, crumpled repeatedly, then flattened with my hands and bone folder. I love the sprinkling of eyelets for the center. (I use my eyelets so rarely anymore...)

This one was for another friend and, honestly, it was made from scraps. A small square of striped patterned paper + three small scraps of red paper + one brad. That's it. 

The flower was made from three pieces of red paper, cut into flower shapes of graduated sizes. Again, they were crumpled, but only slightly flattened this time, as I was going for a dimensional look. I secured them all together with a brad and tacked them onto the card with foam tape.

Do you make your own cards?

P.S. I'm trying uploading photos through Blogger again. They have a new image uploader, and I think the compression might be improved as well. What do you think?