27 September 2010

too lazy to edit photos...

...so you get a photo-less post. :) But I should have a photo-laden post later this week about turning my backyard grapes into grape juice.

For now, here is a little Top Nine list for you. (Ten is too clichéed).

Top 9 things you probably don't know about me:
  1. I don't like my head or face being touched, even by my kids. Especially by my kids?
  2. I'm going craft crazy with lots of top secret projects that I really want to share with you, but can't. Yet.
  3. My favorite months are October and May, in that order.
  4. I typically have 5-10 tabs open in my browser at one time.
  5. Two years ago, my neighbor cut down a tree in his yard. It happened to give me a full view, from my living room, of a gorgeous mountain. It also happened to be my birthday. True story.
  6. A long time ago, I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more scrapbook paper until I used up my stash. I lied.
  7. If I had more available spending money, I would have a severe collection of bags and shoes. I never thought I would be that girl.
  8. I once had a birthday "cake" made of doughnuts. These doughnuts.
  9. My current exercise routine consists of climbing stairs--429 of them--and back down, four times. I hate it, but I do it anyway. (Good thing, too, because I love me some doughnuts.)

Pass it on! I love these things. I love finding out random tidbits about people. If you liked this, post your own and link to it in the comments so I can see! :)