01 March 2011

container obsession

My name is Marisa and I am addicted to containers. Seriously. I can't leave a thrift store without some kind of new container. I try to get rid of an old one when I bring in a new one, to keep Hubs happy. (But I'm getting to the point where I love all the containers that are left.)

So inspired by Christine's recent container post, a snow day, and a desire to snap some practice shots with my new camera, I'm going to give you a little tour of my house o' containers. I hope you enjoy.

Containers on the wall:

Containers in containers:

Groups of containers
lined up on a container
full of containers:
 (I love my kids, I really do. But someday I'd like my fridge back.)

Glitter-all-year-'round CD container:

 My new favorite—lidded containers:

More containers hung on the wall:

Containers that pretend to be shelves:
  (Don't you love my new poppy plate? It's from Marci G's Etsy shop.)

Decorative containers in the powder room:
 (White balance way off; sink totally blown. I know.)

Laundry room containers (see more here):

Knitting and laptop (my nighttime entertainment) containers:

Ready for spring centerpiece containers:

Even containers outside!
This little guy was checking me out while getting a snack. I thought he might have been stuck somehow, because he didn't move no matter how close I got. But he flew away a few minutes later.

Piled with snow containers:
What's your favorite kind of container?


Janell said...

I just came across your blog and I adore it!

abby @ tales and trials said...

I heart containers of all sorts too! I knew there was a reason I liked you. ;) Your house is so bright and cheery. Makes me want to visit.

p.s. love that blue in your laundry room!

Marisa said...

Thanks ladies!

Welcome, Janell! I'm glad you like what you see. :)

nana/ma said...

I love all your containers! The orange nutmeg grater is perfect on the wall!! I keep looking for more like the Asian one with the translucent flowers. You need at least 3. Each a different shape of course :-)

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