01 March 2011

container obsession

My name is Marisa and I am addicted to containers. Seriously. I can't leave a thrift store without some kind of new container. I try to get rid of an old one when I bring in a new one, to keep Hubs happy. (But I'm getting to the point where I love all the containers that are left.)

So inspired by Christine's recent container post, a snow day, and a desire to snap some practice shots with my new camera, I'm going to give you a little tour of my house o' containers. I hope you enjoy.

Containers on the wall:

Containers in containers:

Groups of containers
lined up on a container
full of containers:
 (I love my kids, I really do. But someday I'd like my fridge back.)

Glitter-all-year-'round CD container:

 My new favorite—lidded containers:

More containers hung on the wall:

Containers that pretend to be shelves:
  (Don't you love my new poppy plate? It's from Marci G's Etsy shop.)

Decorative containers in the powder room:
 (White balance way off; sink totally blown. I know.)

Laundry room containers (see more here):

Knitting and laptop (my nighttime entertainment) containers:

Ready for spring centerpiece containers:

Even containers outside!
This little guy was checking me out while getting a snack. I thought he might have been stuck somehow, because he didn't move no matter how close I got. But he flew away a few minutes later.

Piled with snow containers:
What's your favorite kind of container?