29 March 2011

the man can cook

My dear husband works hard. His stellar work ethic is one of the reasons I can stay home with my kids, volunteer in their schools and write this blog. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunities he has given me. Because he works so hard every day, I have taken on the daily task of making dinner. Most days, I am happy to do this. I like to cook.

But Hubs likes to cook, too. So once in a while, he'll take over dinner duty. Most days, I am happy to hand over the spatula.

Like when he makes Chinese food. Yum.

And last week, when he made corned beef hash with the St. Patrick's Day leftovers.
And last month, when he made French onion soup. Oh, how we love onion soup.

We even cooked the leftovers with mushrooms and piled it on toast. Like upside-down onion soup. Super yummy.
Are you the one with dinner duty in your family? 
Or are you the one who takes over for a few special meals?

(Bonus points if you spot the photo of me in this post. Hee hee.)


Courtney said...

Ha! You are in the spoon :O) That is great your hubby likes to cook :O) Ian enjoys it as well! Since you asked about LR...I LOVE it!! I can't imagine editing my photos without it :O) Also, the program I use is iShow. I think it is like $30 to download it. Super easy and a great way to be able to help people to show them what I am doing on my computer :O)

Anonymous said...

Saw you in the spoon! That French onion soup looks A-mazing!!!!

Grandpa Bill said...

We tried to show you and your sibs how to be married. Removing gender labels from chores was just one thing. Respect for each other was more subtle, but just as important. You and Hubs are taking this exampling to a higher level and we couldn't be prouder. Got any soup left?

Marisa said...

Nope. But it did freeze very well! Next time. . . :)

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