25 May 2011


I want to blog. Really I do. But I've just got nothing. I could make another buttery, chocolatey confection for you, but I already posted the s'more bars this week and I'm sure you don't need more temptation. 

Speaking of temptation, are you on Pinterest? Do the people you follow post yummy calorie-laden treats all the time? Mine sure do. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Cathy.) I find at least five desserts each day that I need to have right now. But then I look in my closet and realize that (a) I don't want to exercise any more, (b) I don't want to buy bigger pants and (c) I don't want to go to the store to get the ingredients I'm missing. Hmm. Which reason do you think is my most compelling? Yeah, that would be (c).

Anyway, so I don't have any recipes to post and I haven't been crafting because I'm determined to finish my Blurb book before I start a new crafty project. My current book is all our family photos from 2009. I'm a little behind, thus my self-provided deadline. Blurb books take a lot of work, but the end result is so worthwhile. Cheaper and less messy than scrapbooking, but just as time consuming. Ah, the lengths to which we go to preserve memories. . . 

But, good news. I finished all my layouts last night. I just have to swap out my internet-sized photos for my full-res photos and I'm good to go. Then I can get to my mound of sewing projects (that I haven't tackled since this post and so my project pile still looks like this).

I do have photos to share, but those have to wait for Photo Friday.

So let's just chat, shall we? 

What's for dinner? It's been cloudy and rainy all day here, so comfort food is in order. Cauliflower is roasting as I type this, and I'm about to whip up a batch of enchiladas with leftover ground turkey. Yummy and warm.

What are you crafting this week?

How do you preserve your family memories?


Anonymous said...

I tried a new recipe last night. Garlic lemon chicken kabobs with a yummy dipping sauce!

Hope u get your albums finished soon. I know it will feel good to have that done. :)

Cathy said...

Well, Oprah says find your passion. Mine must be posting yummy calorie-laden treats to my Chocolate Goodness board! And you're welcome!

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