14 August 2011

dining chair slipcovers

Hello, hello! My apologies for my unintentional week off. We just returned from a week in the San Juan Islands, and I thought we'd have internet access in our vacation house. I had planned on blogging while we were there. But I do believe it was meant to be—I'm sure I enjoyed my vacation more and spent more time with my family with the computer off. Hubs and I spent our evenings sitting on the deck watching for orcas and doing jigsaw puzzles. It was absolutely fantastic.

And just as soon as I sort through my 600 photos, I'll share some with you. :) 

But for today, I have those dining chair slipcovers I told you about at the beginning of the month. Little Mister thinks that he's ready to be done with his booster seat during meals. He's just about four and is ready to shed all signs of babyhood. I think he's still a little too short for the table, but so far it hasn't been a problem. I like that he's making decisions for himself.

I didn't have much to go on here. I winged it by looking at a few pictures and guessing. But I did make myself a pattern and measured very carefully. Shocking, I know. I wanted these to be done right the first time, because I didn't have time to redo them.

I taped together pages from an old magazine and cut a template of my chair seat. Then I used that to cut the seat fabric, and measured for the fabric rectangles that would make up the straight skirt. I pinned, sewed, pressed seams open, made some quick fabric ties. I finished two seat covers in about two hours, using just one yard of fabric.

And now my kids won't make my chairs so messy. 

How was your week? What's new? What did I miss?


Anonymous said...

Your slipcovers turned out really nice Marisa.

Can't wait to here more about your trip. Sounds like it was a good one. We're about to head on on vacay soon. I'm SO ready!!

Sophie said...

very nice, good work - très joli, beau travail ;) (je suis de retour de vacances)

Marisa said...

Merci, Sophie. Bienvenue à nouveau!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Do you make and sell these? I would love 6. Ill even send the fabric! cmamschule@gmail.com
Let me know:)
Thanks,Anne Marie

Marisa said...

Hi Anne Marie,

Thanks for your interest! I tried to email you, but the address you gave didn't work. Hopefully you'll come back to check here.

Unfortunately, I do not make and sell the chair slipcovers. If you have a quilt or sewing shop locally, they might be able to help you find someone to make something similar for you. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for responding. My email was missing a t. Sorry! Thank you I will check locally:)

Kirsten in Chi-town said...

would love a tutorial or a picture of the underside. these look beautiful and simple...just what I'm looking for! Thanks,Kirsten


Jane Coombs said...

I am going to make these. With regard to the rectangular panels around the perimeter, what is the thickness of the panel? Is it a single fabric that has been hemmed or did you double up? Thx

ps I named my daughter Marisa. The name means Sea Star.

Marisa said...

Hi Jane,

It was a single layer that was hemmed.Double thickness would probably look more professional, but you'd have to make sure it would still lay/drape right with the top. Maybe if the top was also double thickness? Ooh, maybe the cover could be reversible?

Helena said...

Hi Marissa,

I know it's been quite a few years since your original post but I was just wondering if I could ask you a few quick questions?

A dear friend has asked me to make similar covers for her dining chairs and your design is just perfect. I've cut out a template but I was just curious how you finished/neatened all your raw edges as I'm a bit confused as to how to finish them around the chair back especially. I'm trying to avoid double thickness as I'm not sure how I'd add the skirt so any advice would be much appreciated. Such a lovely design. Thanks in advance.


Marisa said...

Hi Helena,

Thank you for your kind words! Since I made these for myself, and was only concerned with covering stained upholstery, I didn't spend a lot of time making them neat. :) I hemmed all the exposed skirt (flap) edges, but if you were to remove the covers and look underneath, you'd see lots of raw edges. I wonder if you could hem each piece before joining them? If I were concerned about neatness, I would probably fold edges twice (fold once, less than 1/4", iron, fold again, iron again), hem edges, and then join the fabric 1/4" in from the edge (where it was still single thickness). I hope that makes sense. Good luck!

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