01 August 2011

ho hum

 Not a whole lot going on this week.

And we were camping last week, so I really don't have many crafty things to share.

But I did bake some rustic cinnamon swirl bread this morning.
It's really easy.
You should try it.
Sweetpea has already requested French toast.
So good.

But I have more in the works.

I bought fabric today to make some dining chair slipcovers.
Just for the seats.
Because Little Mister thinks he's done with his booster seat 
and ready to make messes on my upholstery.
I'll show him, ha ha.

And I finished my Blurb book, so I'm allowed to get out my sewing machine again.

I'm also fine-tuning an easier, bar-version of my 

Hands down, my most popular, most shared post ever.

They're that good.

I hope to have a finalized recipe for you soon.

What are you up to this week?