05 September 2011

back to school

I'm sure most of you start the back-to-school routine tomorrow. We start ours a little early in these parts. (No, it wasn't today.) I do love the lack of alarm clocks that comes with summer, but I'm so glad to have the kids back in school. They had a little too much together time this summer.

Hubs usually goes into work a few minutes late on the first day, so he can walk to school with us and check out the new classrooms. The kids love it.

 I printed out these jokes from All for the Boys as a first day icebreaker.
With her teacher's permission, she read them to the class and they were a big hit!
After we got Sweetpea settled in, Little Mister and I took a long walk/stroller ride and stopped at the park for some one-on-one time. I forgot what a sweet boy he can be when he doesn't have a sister around to torment.

Happy Labor Day to you all 
and hope your first day of school gets an A+!


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