18 September 2011


Hubs grilled up a lovely steak for dinner the other night. I had him throw on some bread, so I could make the panzanella (tomato and bread salad) I saw on Framed Cooks. Then I grabbed a zucchini that had gone a few days too long in the garden, sliced it up, brushed on some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and sent that to my grill man, as well.

While he was grilling away, I mixed up some bloody marys from home grown tomatoes. I used this recipe, and I'm sure it's probably very good, but I am just not a bloody mary fan. Granted, this was my first, so if any of you have any winning recipes, I'll give the drink another shot. It sure was pretty, though.
As we were dishing up dinner, I suggested we chop up some Oregonzola cheese we had in the fridge to put on top of the steaks. Hubs was over-the-top impressed with this meal we threw together. He even took to Facebook that night and professed his love for me and my culinary composition.

Food is definitely one of the quickest ways to a man's heart.

Flattery might be the quickest way to mine. ♥


Grandpa Bill said...

Risa and her grill man brought over our anniversary dinner and gifts (two rambunctious, beautiful grandkids to play with) on Saturday.

Grilled salmon and quinoa/tomato/zucchini salad; we provided Widmer's Pitch Black stout and Barefoot Pino Grigio. Pumpkin ice cream.

We've always been fans, but they surpassed themselves! We're planning to keep them.

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