25 September 2011

homemade grapevine wreath and a memo

As I've told you before, we have grapes in the backyard. The green seedless vines come from our neighbors to the north, and the Concorde (I think) vines come from our neighbors to the west. We use these free grapes to our full advantage every year. Lots of snacking and juicing going on in our house during late summer and fall.

I've been wanting to try to make my own grapevine wreath for a while now. Last year, I got to the vines too late—they had already hardened. This time, I clipped them when the grapes had just finished ripening, and the vines were still plenty flexible.

I used this tutorial on ehow, but it's pretty straightforward. You just make a circle, then weave the vines continuously around and around and around. I tucked in the ends as needed, and it held itself together very well.

I decided to keep the leaves on initially, for a lovely full summer wreath. Well, they quickly wilted within a few days and I've been slowly removing them as I have time. Next time I'll strip the leaves before making the wreath.

I'll add some more photos when it dries and the leaves have all fallen off. 
Stay tuned.

On a different note,
blogging will be a bit light for a while.

I have a super busy fall
followed by a busy winter
and an even busier spring.
It just never ends around here.

And I'm feeling lately that I spend entirely too much time on the computer.
So I'll still be around,
just not blogging as much.

I'm off to read the kids a story now. :)


Cathy said...

Love the wreath. I wish I could be so creative. I'm with you on the blogging break. I already started mine. I'll miss you.

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