14 November 2011

tshirt scarf #2

For reference, refer to the tshirt scarf #1 post for a link to the video tutorial.

My second attempt at a tshirt scarf was the ruffly kind. It looked so adorable on my 7yr old, that I ran out to Target and raided the Men's Clearance. I found two xl/xxl shirts for about $3.50 each. One is sitting, folded, uncut, next to me. The other I cut into spirals, hoping to make an adorable ruffly scarf for myself.

It was not adorable.

It was ok. I really like the ruffles at the ends. But the ruffled, rumpled fabric on my neck and near my face just don't cut it for me. I haven't given up completely—I keep trying to find new ways to wrap/tie it. But I may just end up giving this one to Sweetpea as well.

I won't make another ruffly scarf for myself, though. Try as I may, I am just not a ruffly girl. Never have been. So with my other giant tshirt I will make another strip scarf or maybe just a large infinity scarf.

Have you tried the tshirt scarves yet? What do you think?


Cathy said...

I'm not a ruffly girl or a scarf girl but I like them both.

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