20 January 2012

20/366 ice ice baby

Fun fact: I still know all the words to that song. I sing it to myself all the time. But I won't sing it for you, no matter how much you beg, because I only sing out loud for my children or in the car. Sorry.

Word to your mother.

 Check out the hummingbird!

It was a very icy day today. We had an inch of ice pellets yesterday and freezing rain all day today. School was closed due to weather for the fourth day in a row. Trees and branches are still falling, major roads, highways and a freeway are closed. A hundred-mile stretch of I-84 was closed today. It's nasty out there.

But tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to reach 42°F, so the roads should thaw and I can join the rest of the Columbia Gorge at the grocery store for some much needed milk and eggs. Fingers crossed!

We've still got 10-12 inches of snow on the ground, but it's covered with a thick layer of ice, so you pretty much walk on top of it—or slide on top of it—until you find a weak spot and crunch through. Hubs took the kids for a short, fast sled ride today, and they were so excited to see the city grader plowing the road.

You see, in a small town like ours, everyone gets involved. We have two plows, but when plowing is needed on all roads, they bring out the grader, the skid steer, and anything else that has a blade to scrape the streets clean. I ♥ small towns.

My friend Hummingbird did not shy away from me at all today. He let me take several frames. He even looked straight at me for a second, but I was so stunned that the image was blurry. Too bad.

Have a good weekend everyone! 
If you're local, I'll probably see you at the grocery store tomorrow. :)


JoeBee said...

vanilla ice, I respect that.

Sophie said...

Beautiful picture !
Tu as retrouvé ton appareil photo ;)

Marisa said...

I'm so happy to have it back, Sophie! :)

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